EVERLAST’s values of strength and determination exist in every individual. Embracing these values EVERLAST watches will be re-launched in 4 categories: Star, Sports Fashion, Gym-Fitness and EVERLAST watches are unique and fashionable and will enable you to express your unique sense of strength, dedication, individuality and authenticity at an affordable price.

With a focus on design and features our STAR’s series lets you express your individuality. Our sports Fashion’s series not only make you look cool and trendy, but also refelct your great dedication and passion for sport, fashion and style. If you are passionate about the gym and fitness, our fashion digital watches in our Gym-Fitness series complement your image with function and style. We never ignore the needs of our EVERLAST’s fans families and children. In our Kid’s series we have fun, fashionable children’s watches in multi colour.

The high quality of an EVERLAST watch delivers authenticity and brand values to fans who are dedicated to the brand. An EVERLAST watch is a statement of who you are. Reflecting your active lifestyle and expressing that “GREATNESS IS WITHIN” in the new world of EVERLAST’s watches.